Incompressible simulation of oil between gears

hello here I want to ask a simulation of an incompressible model with oil material that I run, the results of the contour plot already look like in the picture I sent, but the plot of the results for the flow direction is not completely down/does not pass through the gap between the gears, but the flow leads to left side?.
please advice and solutions so that this simulation can run properly. thank you

and to check my simulation at this link

HI there, which run is this screenshot from?

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the overall run is almost the same as the picture I sent, is using oil/air fluid the flow direction does not enter the gap between the 2 gears, but all the flow directions do not pass through the gap between the 2 gears, is there something wrong with my boundary condition/how? thank you please help

Hi again :slight_smile:

I checked the final run then, and the results seem to make sense:

I have two comments:

  1. The velocity that you applied is not big enough to travel through the gap in the first place
  2. The gaps are small and wouldn’t allow the flow to pass anyway:

Especially the most narrow part, which is not meshed properly:

What about increasing the velocity and adding more thickness to the gap?

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hello sorry I just checked the assignment, thank you for the help, very, very grateful

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