Incompressible fluid simulation

Hi there, I’m trying to use Incompressible simulation for an urban area (as this is free). After putting the numbers of wind velocity it comes out with one color (and no range of wind). Did anyone had such an issue? Would be glad to hear from your experience

Hi @mprolla!

In order to identify the issue, please post your project link here, we will have a look at that as quickly as possible.




Your BCs are ill-defined:

  • Velocity outlet: remove.
  • Pressure outlet: set to Face2FlowRegion
  • Ground: not defined, by default will be no slip wall, which is ok.
  • Sides and top: not defined. Should be at least slip walls.

Moreover, your simulation domain is much too big. Urban comfort can be estimated reducing your domain by 50-80%, and keeping the urban zone the same.

One more think: please keep the correct scale (1:1), if possible. It seems that you reduced the model to 1:10 or 1:20…

Take care,


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