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Improvements to Nonlinear FEM

SimScale has a great potential. Onshape was great when I started but with the environment is slightly different from standard and buggy. Once Autodesk Fusion 360 was released, I had no second thoughts on shifting to it from Onshape especially due to required features and familiarity.

As a professional, I think the SimScale features pertaining to the nonlinear FEM part is a little out of date. It works great for linear FEM but features related to nonlinear FEM is nearly a decade old.

Hyperelasticity, plasticity, creep are really basic. Damage & fracture are non-existent. Contact is limited to small deformations. Most large aspect-ratio structures, commonly found in sectors like aerospace etc, need truss-beam-plate-shell models. I saw that this feature will be coming soon. Advanced materials like composite toolbox are something that is a definite must have for a professional FEM software. Lastly, most professionals would like to have at least an option to use their own material model (or routine).

I am sure you guys have this on your radar already. But just my 2 cents on the topic.

Hey @ajaybharish,

thank you for the detailed feedback! Indeed some of the features you mentioned are on our product roadmap, some are a bit more long-term.

Are you working only with FEM solvers or also with CFD applications?

Best Alex