Importing, meshing and cell zone

Hi, I’m new to the plataform and I’m having some trouble with my projects. CFD Squad @jousefm
Here are some images that will help me explain. Image “a” shows 2 faces and 2 shells.

To get this one I needed to copy the project from the homework link. Image “b” shows 17 faces, 4 shells and other things. This one I downloaded from the homework link geometry and than uploaded. I found this out when talking to one of my friends. So my wall boundary condition on the wing changes as shows images “e” and “f”. f e
Does this change anything? For some reason my last try did converge and I got no bad faces for both geometries, unlike all my other tries. And in my next homework i will have to implement a porous media, in that case will it have any problem?
It also shows the message “Use mesh as domain” that i believe is right so I’m clicking on it. d
Another doubt I have is how to make the cell zone in the radiator, I’ve seen some student complaining, and myself got an error message saying that it is impossible to make a cell zone in one face. So how do I have to proceed? (Image “g”)g
And yet, it seems to be something wrong with the geometry I copied from the homework 2. I got this warning. h
Here are the links to my projects:
Exercise 1- SimScale Login
Exercise 2- SimScale Login
Geometries with different number of faces- SimScale Login

Had trouble in the post-processing too, it is completely different from the webinar homework example, I will try to learn by the Simscale’s’ tutorials, but I could use some personal help.

CFD Squad, can you help out our user here? Would be awesome!