'impact-test' simulation project by mydlikowskij


I created a new simulation project called 'impact-test':

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Hi @mydlikowskij,

interesting cad model. Anything I can help you with on that one?




Hello Jousef

thank you for a message. The goal of mpact test simulation is test the device regarding impact resistance (polish IK) grade 6. This grade requires from device to sustain impact hit of 2J. As an example is it described as hit of 0.5 weight from 0.4 meter height.

I decided to perfom such simulation in this project:


I require it for my article on my private Blog, where I want to show potential readers the advantage of Simscale environement with respect to plastic parts development.

To me best would be if you could check my project with the respect of impact test resistance. Are my settings like contacts, constraints right?

I still do have many issues to evaluaye results in post porcess environemnt. I can not see them on mesh,


Hi @mydlikowskij!

Sounds like an awesome project you are investigating!

I will have a look at that one and will also tag @ahmedhussain18 here who has some more experience than I have in this field.

Regarding the post-processing part: What exactly do you want to see “on the mesh”? Any special variables you are interested in that are not available in the post-processor?




Hi Jousef

well sometimes I con not see stress (i.e. von Misses) results on geometry after adding the filter like clip or wrap by vector.



Hi @mydlikowskij,

very sorry for the late response!! Do you still have that problem?




Hello Jousef

I reload project and it helped. By the way I mentioned you and Ahmed in my article


I have one general question: how do the simscale environment handle the impact resistance of plastic materials?

in example how can we handle difference in impact resistance between two PP compounds same as in attached picture


Hi @mydlikowskij!

Thank you very much for mentioning us in your awesome article. Looks very cool! :slight_smile:

At the moment there is no option to consider the impact strength in your FE modelling. Could you tell me why you would need this parameter to be in the simulation?