'Impact of an elastoplastic bar' simulation project by ahmedhussain18


I created a new simulation project called 'Impact of an elastoplastic bar':

In this validation project, a dynamic nonlinear impact analysis of an elastoplastic bar is demonstrated.

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For detailed study please go to Impact of an elastoplastic bar (Code_Aster SDNV103) documentation.

In this project the functionality of the nonlinear high deformation, elastoplastic, dynamic, and frictional contact on SimScale platform are validated. The geometry used was a quarter cylinder and plate as shown in figure below.

Three mesh cases were considered: linear hexahedral with prisms, quadratic hexahedral with prisms (reduced integration), and quadratic hexahedral with prisms (standard). All meshes were created locally and than uploaded to SimScale platform. The mesh is shown in figure below.

Nonlinear dynamic analysis was performed. The cylinderical bar was given an elastoplastic material property. The bar was then given an initial velocity of 227 m/s in the negative z-direction, whereas the plate was constrained in all directions making it fully rigid. Figures below shows the von Mises stress and total nonlinear strain magnitude contour plots of the deformaed bar at intermediate and final step respectively.

Finally, the figure below shows the animation of the final result.