'I-Beam Unter Remote Force' simulation project by stadlerj


I created a new simulation project called 'I-Beam Unter Remote Force':

In this project a static analysis of an I-beam under remote force is demonstrated.

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For detailed study please go to I beam under remote force documentation.

In this project, the functionality of the remote force on the SimScale platform is validated. The geometry used was an I-shaped beam and is shown in the figure below.

Four mesh types were considered: linear tetrahedral, quadratic tetrahedral, linear hexahedral and quadratic hexahedral. Linear and quadratic tetrahedral mesh were created by using fully automatic tetrahedralization on the SimScale platform. The mesh with quadratic tetrahedral elements is shown in figure below.

On the other hand, linear and quadratic hexahedral were meshed locally and uploaded to SimScale platform. The mesh with quadratic hexahedral elements is shown in figure below.

Static analysis was performed. One end of the beam was constrained in all directions, whereas a remote force of 1000 N in negative z-direction was applied 1 m away from the other end. The figures below show the Cauchy stress, the total strain and the displacement contour plots of the beam.

Comparison of results with the analytical reference in the figure below shows the robustness of the SimScale platform.