'Hurricane Forces' simulation project by tlinx


I created a new simulation project called 'Hurricane Forces':

Force on Buildings

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Hello Thank you for the model. I want to simulate the similar building complex. How can I use SimScale platform online for CFD analysis? The building site is located in Delhi, India.


Hi @arynum!

Do you have a CAD model you can upload to SimScale? If so please let me know and I can guide you, no problem :slight_smile:




Hi JOUESEFM, thank you for the reply. Yes I have CAD. dwg file format. Do you also need to create 3D before importing into the SIMSCALE platform? Thank you.


Hi @arynum!

I do not know if you have anything else than 3D but feel free to upload your model and we may proceed with the test runs. @Get_Barried is familiar with those kind of simulations - he might also give you some useful input as soon as we have your model.




Hi @arynum!

I maybe able to help on this!

Yes you do need to translate the dwg to a usable format. The dwg file if you’ve obtained it from a source that supposedly has 3D data in it, will have the corresponding 3D data even if it looks 2D. You need to import that dwg into a CAD software and then export it out as a solid 3D file in either the STEP or IGES format (or solidworks format if you prefer that).

Once done you can start your meshing, simulation and analysis!

Hope this helps and do let me know if you have issues.




Thank you. This is helpful.