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How was your first workshop?

Hey guys!

Let’s share our first workshops and the lessons learnt from them!

I think it will allow us to get to better know each other and it would probably help new ambassadors, as they could learn from our mistakes

I’ll start sharing my experience:
My first workshop was actually not a full-fledged one but actually part of our fluid dynamics course. When I first started being an ambassador I told my teacher about this and asked for her help(you might want to ask your teachers also, most of the time they are supportive) which she gladly provided, I showed her what Simscale is and how it works and she asked me to do my school project using Simscale(we had some mandatory projects for the end of the semester) and so I did, I used the slides provided within the program and cut some of them out so that I fit within the timelimit, at first the other students were not interested (they saw about 20 different presentation before mine, some good some not so good, so they got bored). I did my best to explain the Magnus effect to them using the slides and they really got into it, I was amazed! I just had the full attention of about 100 other students, my hands were shaking and people were laughing as I tried to spin a tube of paper to show them how it would work in real life, I never succeded in doing that, I was too excited.

What I learned from this experience is that people laughing at you is not always a bad thing and more over when you try your best and have confidence in yourself everyone is having a good time and learns something.
Anytime you have an opportunity to do something you are uncomfortable with, you better yourself and get valuable life lessons!

If you guys have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!


Great work @Denis98vl :slight_smile: .
I would suggest, if you have any pics of the workshop which you had conducted, you could send some to @jousefm so that those could be posted in Facebook and LinkedIn pages of Simscale. As its tough for a single student ambassador to hold and conduct workshops frequently, so I think if the posts of ambassadors from different countries are posted on social media along with the regular posts, it would have a positive impact on new users


Thank you @redwanpranto15 !
Sadly, I don’t have any pictures because we are not allowed to take pictures during class!

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