How to switch from new post processor to old without going to dashboard?

While we are at it, how about this one? :confused:

The right click ‘Solution Fields’ is not always working for this.

I am so confused, I had to go back to dashboard 4 times this morning to switch before I created this topic and now I can’t recreate it :frowning:

Sometimes you just feel like a nut… sometimes you don’t… (I think that is a jingle) :rofl::rofl:

@jousefm, delete this topic please if I really am crazy this morning :slight_smile:

Hi Dale!

I am afraid that there is not any option for this at the moment but if that’s something that will be available in the future I would put it into the “Manage Account” section, what do you think?



Since I still can’t duplicate my original issue, I am happy now :smile:

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