How to simulate hot air's effect on downforce?

Im trying to see how hot air after a radiator affects the overall downforce of my openwheeler design. Is it possible to add a parameter or simular to an incompressible sim in which you can have the air have a different density for example? Or any other way that I could simulate the effect warm air has on downforce in Simscale?

Hi SSaarinen,

technically this can be done using the Convective heat transfer analysis type.

For the radiator, you can use a Prouse media and use anisotropic Darchy-Forchheimer coefficients.

For the Heat Souce, you can also specify the same volume used for the porous media as a power source.

Even though I would not expect to much influence on the downforce due to the different air density, as for Formula Student vehicles the temperature differents are relatively small with a range of 40-70 K.
But on the other side, you are able to verify the performance of your radiator.

But this would be the approach.
When you had your first runs please let us know the results and your insights obtained.
I’m very interested to see whether this affects the performance of your car.

Best regards

Okay, thank you for your answer! I’ll let you know after my first runs.