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How to simulate airflow surrounding an aicraft

Hello evryone,
I’m trying to find out how does simscale works yet i’ve got some diffiulties.
I’m want to simulate airflow surrounding an A380 jumbo jet crusing at 900Km/h at hight altitude.
on simcale. I’ve done all datas but simulation always stopps at 80% as unexpected error occured.
here is the link for my work
My Work

Many thank for helping me to find out what’s wrong with.


The issue is the boundaary conditions, you have a velocity inlet and all other external faces are velocity outlets. the recomended setup is to have a velocity inlet and pressure outlet or pressure inlet and outlet, but not a velocity inlet and outlet. Change the side external boundaries to slip walls.

Also the bounding box is too tight around the geometry, expand this to at least 5 times the geometry size in all directions (as a rule of thumb) except trailing dimension make this longer.

Hope this helps,


well thank for your quick support,
I solved the first problem regarding inlet and outlet issue.
the error now occurs at 84% instead of 80% :smiley:
However, i’ve caught the second problem but i don’t don’t know how to fixe it, which icone should i used to do so ? which step ? mesh creator, simulation designer ?

Many Thanks

hey @HARES

i think you should work on your boundary condition as @1318980 mention above, to reflect on it, set the side walls, bottom and top walls to slip wall condition and you airplane surface to no slip wall boundary condition.

regarding the second one you can address that on your mesh creator tab, currently you are using automatic mesh creator rather use parametric mesh creator to define the size of the bounding box. and your 3D geometry is modeled in detail, that gonna be a problem to create a mesh i think you should simplify it before creating another mesh it will save you a lot of problem.
in advance there are a lot of public projects same as what you trying to do now so i suggest you to take a look at them and use them to set your setup.