How to resolve "Invalid wall function specification" errors?


In my project I’m trying to simulate water flowing over a cylinder. The project can be found here:

I ran a simulation job titled “one tenth meters per second” and it failed with an IO Error. Looking at the solver log I found this error message:

[4] Invalid wall function specification
Patch type for patch boundingBox1 must be wall

How can this type of error be resolved?


Hi @tryabin, to answer your question:

It seems that you have discovered a bug with our wall function (ie the LES analysis type assumes the bounding box to be patch instead of wall) :confounded: We will have to take a deeper look into this.

The simulation works if I change just one condition - Wall treatment to “Zero gradient” for the ‘Walls’ boundary condition.



Thanks, that fixed the problem and made the simulation run complete without errors.


Great :smile: