How to pan the view?


How am I supposed to pan the view in old or new Post-processor?

I want to have a look at very small area, so I zoom the view, but I can’t pan the view from side into center to zoom it further and gain desired view at desired spot.
Basically, in Mesh Creator tab and Simulation Designer tab, user can get the precise view at small spot by just zooming and rotating his view. I think this should work in Post-Processor tab as well, but it’s not working.


The middle mouse button will pan. If you are having trouble viewing a very small specific location try setting the spin center to that point.



@Pavol_Kianicka in addition to what @BenLewis said: “Dynamic Zoom” and “Dynamic Center of Rotation” aren’t supported in the post-processor yet. So zoom and center of rotation do not change dynamically based on your mouse cursor position as in the pre-processing viewer. This is on the short term development roadmap such that all 3D controls will be aligned.




Additionally, this works for me:

Old Post processor

  • ‘Alt’ + Right Click Drag

New Post Processor

  • Right and Left Click together, then Drag


And a handy little trick I figured out, in BOTH processors, to rotate the view slightly about an axis perpendicular to the screen

  • While Left Dragging, do small circles with your mouse. (CCW circles rotate view CW and CW circles rotate view CCW). Bigger mouse circles rotate the view more degrees per circle…


AND, BEWARE THE DREADED PAN DIRECTION REVERSAL :smile: at high zoom levels for ANY pan method in old post processor…


Thank you guys for your replies. I think I will get well with MIDDLE button press down.