How to open a thread?

Hi Jousefm I appreciate your interest and look forward to getting the data we are looking. Wake Development of a Boat looks applicable, so how do I get started?

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Hi @rsauter,

I suggest you start a project with a thread created and we can discuss and work in there instead of the general topic here.

Do tag us after you’ve made the project thread!



Hi @rsauter!

Just start here: Project Support Section.



How do I start a thread

Answered your private message @rsauter. For anyone else interested:

\underline{\textbf{1. Create "New Topic"}}

\underline{\textbf{1. Create "Choose Category"}}

Choose a category as depicted below and make sure to give us as many information as possible (project description, project link, available (experimental data), paper references etc.) - also please give the topic a meaningful name (like you do in simulations :slight_smile: )



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