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How to model a wall with boards outside


Good morning, dear Sir,
My name is Boukhelkhal and I am a doctoral student, I have a few questions if you can help me.
I want to do a heat transfer simulation with Energy2D or Energy 3D. My problem is that the face of the exterior walls is not smooth, so it has a texture of either planks or small cubes glued on the exterior face. So if we schematize the section of the wall, it will be smooth on the inside and with a geometry on the outside.
Can I model this morphology of the wall to have the surface temperature inside and outside?
Thank you very much for answering me


Hello Boukhelkhal,

Unfortunately this is not an Energy2D/3D forum. Feel free to upload your geometry to SimScale and link your project here for us to take a look :grin:


I’m sorry for this error, it’s just a clerical error, Mon problème est que la face des murs extérieurs n’est pas lisse, elle a donc une texture de planches ou de petits cubes collés sur la face extérieure.