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How to get Force Distribution on body

Hey, I have performed an aerodynamics simulation for which I want to get the force values along the length of the body. Is it possible to get the force values Fx, Fy, Fz on the body cells? I tried the
F = p*Normals_Y , and saved the data file. But the cell area value has to be multiplied to it to get the Forces Fx, Fy, Fz values. How can I get the cell area value?
Is this a good approach, Or I can follow something better!?


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Hi Om,
Did you check this page?
Thsi includes post processing steps. If you tried this already, what is the step that creates an issue?
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Hey thanks for replying @tsite
I was trying it in ParaView. Anyway, I got the solution!
Was just trying to get the surface areas of the cell at the location as above mentioned.
I was doing F = p*Normals_Y, If Area is multiplied to this we can have the force values at each cell and then can be used for FEM. There is a filter “Cell Size” from which I got the Area Values. Surface vectors from surface normals and already had the pressure data.

Thanks for your help