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How to creat a flow region for a suspended object

Im trying to create a flow region for my boat with no connecting seed face. I ahve looked at public project and saw that this was possible however i ahve no idea how they managed to do it. the project i am refrecing is here.

asdasfasdf | SimScale Workbench

This is the copy of the project. I would liek to apply the same stratagy for my prject in this link below.

boat111111 | SimScale Workbench

I would like to create a flow region for the entire boat. Under geometries it should say full foil. Please advise

Hey there!

What do you mean by ‘no connecting seed face’?

This article should help you to create your flow region:

Thank you for the promt reply. I ahve read the article but i do not know how to create a flow region without the flow region conecting to the object. ie: If you take the spoiler tutorial vidieo the seed face is the face that splits the spoiler in half. Is there a way to have a flow region with no seed face?

I am sorry I don’t fully understand. Why would you need to create a flow region that doesn’t touch the model?