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How to constrain an axis by friction


Maybe it is not possible what I am aiming to get, but here it is:

I want to fix one translation constraint by using friction, so like some clamp would be

This is the project

The face in which I applied a load is the one which should work by constraining the model in the x direction

I did not see anything about friction coefficient so I assume It might not be possible, but just in case

(My goal is to get the stress of the material when using the minimum pressure to keep the bar fixed)

Hi @jmateo!

Can you set your project to public so that we can see your model first? :slight_smile: Already tagging my colleagues, the @PowerUsers_FEA here. We will get back to you as soon as possible!



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Of course…So sorry :sweat_smile:

Thank you as always

Thanks a lot @jmateo! :slight_smile:

The @PowerUsers_FEA and me will have a look at that and get back to you as soon as possible. Also tagging my colleague @ahmedhussain18 who might also give you some good tips on your simulation.



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Hi @jmateo,

If all you want is to analyse the stress due to the clamp force (and you know the magnitude of this force), then your setup seems ok, except you are missing the pull apart force. I would also experiment by changing the sliding contact for a bonded.

I guess you can estimate the clamping force by using the friction coefficient between materials and the pull apart force, something like:

F_{friction} = F_{pull} = \mu *F_{clamp}


F_{clamp} = \frac{F_{pull}}{\mu}

If on the other hand what you want is to simulate the actual clamping, you will need to setup a non linear simulation with friction physical contact. For this you need to include the coulomb friction coefficient between your materials, clamp force and pull force. This could be a interesting project to check for force balance and equilibrium.