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How to change the photo of the description in the project?

Dears Simscale users:

How to chage the photo principal of the description in the project??


Hey @camilomati,

Although I haven’t played much with it I know that if you take a photo during post processing, it will automatically become the photo of your project on your dashboard. I am not sure how to later replace it because I haven’t tried but I assume taking a new photo would do the trick or something like that. Give it a try?

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Hello @camilomati,

In general an automatically created thumbnail is used as project thumbnail.

As @oscarcorripio mentioned you can create your own custom thumbnail by taking a nice looking post-processing screenshot. Per default the first screenshot is taken in that case automatically as project thumbnail. For example, I did this in my last public projects (toilet flush, wing suit pilot) .

We plan to expose more functionality in the future in order to allow customization of the project overview pages. For now you can use this work-around.

Best Alex


Haha, for a second there I thought this was a project about someone being shrunk (wearing a wing suit) and flushed down the toilet!

No, no “Honey I shrunk the kids” so far on SimScale (starting a scaling operation right at that second :wink: …)


Adding to Alex description, if you already have a thumbnail (which is your first one in this case), then you can create a new thumbnail by taking a new desired screenshot and deleting all the rest screenshots in order to make the newly taken screenshot as thumbnail (first in place).

As Alex further described that a more intuitive procedure would be to manually select from your screenshots a thumbnail for your project and we are looking forward to this feature soon.