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How to change direction of the Simulation seeds

Hey there,

I have a problem with the direction of the seeds in the Partical-Trace in the solution Fields of my Simulation.

In the tutorials it says that i have to click on the inlet of my enclousre. But than the seeds arent going in the right direction. Or better they are not going anywhere.

Is that caused by a mistake in my setting and if so how can i fix it?

Can somebody please help me?




Please double check your boundary conditions, especially those involving velocities. Currently, the velocity vectors are pointing in the wrong direction, which is causing the issues that you mentioned.

The orientation cube (in the bottom-right corner) should always be used as a reference for the input:

On a side note, if this is a wing simulation, the “Wall 5” boundary condition would normally be a “Slip” wall. It would only be a moving wall if it represents the actual ground.


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