'HornoCeramica' simulation project by raulest50


I created a new simulation project called 'HornoCeramica':

Análisis Térmico para el diseño de un horno casero para cerámica. Se requiere que el horno alcance temperaturas entre 800 y 900 grados centigrados.

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This is my first simulation in simscale. The first files and configuration are for my personal learning. but the main goal is to simulate the design in > http://www.ceramicatrespiedras.com/cursos/apuntes/construccion-de-horno-portatil-para-ceramica/.

according to the source the design comes from Mario L. Covarrubias who is a ceramist.

Once the design is validated then i'm going to introduce improvements in order to achieve temperature control. The later allows to apply a particular heating profile to a ceramic piece.


Awesome @raulest50! Keep us up-to-date!