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Hip Joint Prosthesis - New UI Problems



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Hi @rsalawu!

We need more information on the problem you have, I can see a model in the picture but no related description of the problem that we need in order to help you. Please post the link to your project as well as the tutorial - we will then help you out.




this is the link to my project.
this is the link to the tutorial Step-by-Step Tutorial Session 1: Hip Joint Prosthesis
certain commands mentioned there i cant find in my interface


That’s correct as the UI changed with the new Workbench 2.0 - can you explicitly tell me what you do not understand or name an element that you cannot find?

The more detailed your description the easier and faster I can help you out.




certain statements like the simulation designer tab, Give the project a name (optional) Co-Cr-Mo on Ti-6Al-4V and set the Nonlinear analysis option to true and click Save .surfaces and contacts it makes the tutorial really difficult to follow


It would be very helpful if the tutorial was explained using the new workbench 2.0 please, every element would not be so difficult to find if this can be done


So everything step-by-step.

  1. There are no more tabs, everything is merged into one tree!

  2. The name is, as mentioned, optional and you can name your materials as you want. You can change the name by clicking on the name at the very top and make changes (see picture below). Once the changes have been made you can either click on the OK button or click ENTER on your keyboard to confirm the setting and ENTER a second time to leave the window.

  1. The nonlinear analysis can be activated by clicking on the simulation (parent tree item) and toggle the nonlinear analysis button.

  1. Contacts are now detected automatically and you have to make sure that the contacts coincide with those of the tutorial and maybe make some adaptions to it.

I agree that the tutorials have to be updated - currently working on the professional trainings in the SimScale Academy. Once that is done we will work on the other tutorials. Also have thought about a nice provisional solution which will maybe be implemented in the near future.

Thanks for your feedback and hopefully my post could help you a bit!



Step-by-Step Tutorial Session 1: Hip Joint Prosthesis

thank you i would apply this to my project



We are here if you need any help :wink: Good luck with your project and happy SimScaling!



i followed the tutorial upto to this point and i got stuck i applied the boundary conditions and had difficulty proceeding any further

after applying the table provided in the tutorial this is what i got

please could you help me with these sections of this tutorial Step-by-Step Tutorial Session 1: Hip Joint Prosthesis


Hi @rsalawu!

This issue is already is already under investigation and might take a bit until it is resolved. I will definitely keep you up-to-date!