'Hertzian Contact Between 2 Spheres' simulation project by stadlerj


I created a new simulation project called 'Hertzian Contact Between 2 Spheres':

This project performs a frictionless contact analysis between two spheres.

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For detailed study please go to Hertzian Contact Between Two Spheres (Code_Aster SSNV104) documentation.

The tetrahedral mesh used was created with the fully automatic tetrahedralization tool on the SimScale platform. Both the first order and second order mesh was used for validation, whereas the refined mesh was uploaded to the SimScale platform. The uploaded mesh is shown in the figure below.

The simulation validates the robustness of the frictionless penalty and augmented Lagrangian contact functionality of the SimScale platform. The post-processing of the results gives an insight of the stress and nonlinear strain formation near the contact area of two spheres.