Help with simulation, particle condensing into a single point

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    Modeling a part cooling fan duct to validate that the air is evenly distributed through the outlets and targets right at the tip of the nozzle.

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    In one of the air channel it seems like the air flow is condensing into a single point causing extremely high velocity. Cannot see where I went wrong and the mesh looks fine.

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    Mosquito Duct CFD → Compressible 6

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From your latest simulation run, I can see normal levels for velocity, so I guess you’ve already overcome the problem, correct?

Also, for future reference: when velocity levels < 0.3 Mach are expected, make sure to use an “Incompressible” analysis type. You’re dealing with inlet velocities < 4 m/s, so using compressible is definitely not required (and it will add quite a lot of complexity to the set up).


Thanks for the response Ricardopg and the recommendation to use Incompressible. I discovered an extremely small feature on my model that caused the issue, I manually corrected the model and everything started to work correctly.