Help with running time in airflow simulation

Hello, I am trying to simulate the airflow in a poultry house using simscale but I have encountered a bit of problems if you could please help me.
I am using a convective heat transfer simulation. I assigned the air material to the solid and also defined a pressure inlet and a velocity outlet boundary conditions, as well as defining heat sources in the bottom wall.
My problem is that when I try to simmulate the problem it takes too long and since I have the community plan, it stops and cancels my simmulation. I was wondering if you can tell me why it is taking so long (I have tried making the mesh less fine but it still doesn’t speed up the process. Since I am looking for temperature evolution over time, I need to simmulate for a certain time (I am trying with 1000s).

Hopefully someone can help and give me some tips.
Thank you in advance

Link to the project;

Hey there, and welcome to the forum!

The transient simulations take very long to compute, because they have to converge at each time step.

My suggestion would be for you to consider if you really need a transient simulation. Evaluate the reasons and the data you need to extract from the simulation. If non of them is related to time (heating periods, temperature shock curves, etc), I think you should be fine with an steady-state simulation.

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I am really interested in cooling periods (how much time it takes to reach a certain temperature) that is why I am choosing the transient solution.

Hi again,

Then I don’t think there is much you can do here. I would use half the model to take advantage of the symmetry, but on the other hand your mesh is too coarse to properly capture the convection and temperature gradients.

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