Help with my Boundary condition

I am trying to Simulate a HVAC for an indoor farming system. SimScale Login

I want to achive an optimised design for the indoor farm and rack model where it evenly distribute the temperature of 27 ± 2 degrees C and relative humidity of 80% at least on the rack area.

I have used conjugate heat transfer v2.04 in order to take into account the humidity in my simulation. I have 8 boundary conditions.

  1. Inlet with air velocity, temperature, and relative humidity.
  2. Outlet with atmospheric air pressure and relative humidity.
  3. Symmetry condition as the model is half.
  4. Internal rack with 10 stories high. Each ceiling of the rack shelves have LED panel and temperature from the ceilings were kept 70 degrees C.
  5. The farm ceiling and the floor were made adaiabatic.
  6. The Input duct walls
  7. The outputduct walls
  8. The 3 walls in the farm were with the temperature 30.

The simulation run is failed because of my boundary condition and I don’t know where I went wrong.

The link of the project is

Thank you!

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Hello @sdhamala , and thanks for posting your question here in the Forum.

I’m currently investigating your project, and will get back to you soon.

Thanks, Kaan

Thank you so much Kaany.

Hi @sdhamala, I ran some tests and applying a mesh fineness of 6 with no refinements using the Conjugate Heat Transfer IBM solver, the simulation showed good signs of convergence:

I’ve also extended the inlets/outlets:

Of course, this unfortunately won’t provide good gradients on those thin plates.

Here is the project I was working on: SimScale Login

An additional comment is that I think the CAD would benefit from some cleanups! Specially removing some small faces/edges such as these:


Thank you So much Igor. this helped a lot.

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