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Help with fluid volume

Hi there, today has been my first day with simscale.
I was using another cfd software in which you have to put the cad as the fluid volume so I realized my cad without any opening, as the fluid volume, and I put it in simscale because I’m used to work like this and I don t want to create The cad again.
So my question is, if I already have the fluid volume, what about the option open inner region?
I don’t know how to select the whole volume, because it’s already my fluid volume.
Hope you can help me, you can see the model in my page to understand what I actually mean.
Thank you so much.

Maybe our @CFD-SQUAD can help out here.

First of all make sure to post your project link here - thanks!


Hey there, welcome!

If you import the fluid volume to SimScale, then there’s no need to run any flow volume extraction operation - you can proceed to creating a simulation.

The possibility to run boolean operations within SimScale is just a bonus, that allows users to import the solid parts and then create the flow region.

Thank you so much :slight_smile: