Help setting up an analysis

I’m a Chilean architecture student currently developing my thesis and i wanted to make an external flow analysis of 100 different geometries (i’ll upload one). The thing is that i been having trouble setting up the conditions to run the simulations. For example, the bound box where the limits of the analysis are set has to be imported or can be use the cartesian box to set the input velocity, outlet, walls, etc. Sorry for my english, not my first language.

Cristóbal Muñoz V.

Also, when i choose air as material an i have to assign a volume, can the volume be the cartesian box or has to be imported. Thank you.

Hey Cristobal,

Im going to assume that you are going to simulate using an incompressible flow. The boundary box that you have defined can be used to set your conditions, inlet velocity, outlet, etc… no need to import. Here you can see that i have defined a wall of the bounding box as the velocity inlet, you can do the same for your simulation.

The cartesian boxes are used more to make local refinements in cell size around the geometry during the meshing step using the inside, outside, or distance settings. This is shown on the floor of my bounding box where the I used a cartesian box to refine the cells around my geometry.

The air assignment can be applied directly to the bounding volume of the mesh. In my example i have other cell zones that must also be included.

Based on the geometry you uploaded, i would suggest increasing the size of the bounding box. Typically the bounding box size should be about 8-10 times as large as the geometry so there are no problems with dissipation or back pressure from such a short wind tunnel.

If you have any other questions feel free to post or create new thread topics. Simscale has a very active forum to help with any problems that may arise.


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