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Help setting up a correct analysis| Physics can not be taken into account| Meshing error

Hello , I am a college student and new to cfd.
I want to run a CFD analysis on T200 propellers only and observe the thrust force. My inlet velocity is about 0.5 m/s while propeller angular velocity is 105 rad/s,I created a solid region to use as a rotating region .
when i am about to create mesh , it says physics can not be taken into account and i am unable to understand what am i missing in simulation setup. It would be really helpful if someone can provide solution to my problem.
Here is link for my project : (


Simulations with rotating zones require some extra attention for CAD preparation/mesh configuration. Since you’re new to SimScale & CFD, I’d highly recommend that you have a look at a step-by-step tutorial with rotating zones, such as:

These knowledge base articles are also very relevant:

Two important things to take from these links:

  • Irrespective of the mesh algorithm chosen, a cell zone has to be created for the rotating zone;
  • For the standard algorithm, you will have to create the flow region in a CAD software. Solid parts should not be in the CAD geometry. They have to be subtracted from the flow region.

Lastly, about the error you received: it’s just a warning message, not an error per se. When “physics-based meshing” is enabled, the algorithm automatically refines the regions close to the inlets/outlets (defined under boundary conditions).


This message that you receive states that, if you change the set up, the mesh won’t be updated according to the new settings (i.e. physics-based meshing won’t be taken into account). You can still choose to generate the mesh and continue the set up normally.

If you have issues to implement this, let us know!

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