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Help regarding intake simulation

Hello, I am currently facing a problem while assigning am getting an error " Assignment of defeatured entities not supported". Can anyone help me. The side which is getting error has been mirrored in CREO. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi @sbhagavan!

I would suggest that you use one layer for the geometry. Now the geometry has two layers for the inlets and outlets which is not a clean and concise way of modelling for a CFD analysis, the flow would just be blocked (guess that’s not what you intend to do). Besides that you can only model one half of the model and do two simulations, one with 7 m/s and the other one with 8 m/s. The chambers are not coupled so I would strongly suggest that you decouple the simulation and mesh as well as calculate each region separately. Hope that makes sense!

So the most important part is to use one layered modeling rather than the sandwich like structure that you have used.



I have made the specific changes and this time uploaded one side of the geometry itself. And still am facing the same issue. Is there any way to help me ? Thanks in advance.

Hi @sbhagavan!

If you remove the inlet faces you can see other faces right behind them, that should be fixed. As mentioned earlier make the geometry single layered and remove this double layered structure. Had a similar case some time ago where it just did not work with such an approach. Once that is done we can continue with the setup (which should then work).



Hi @sbhagavan
This img will help you in understanding what @jousefm meant by “double layered structure”.