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Help needed to obtain velocity transparency image

hello Team,

will anyone please help me to obtain the above image. i know how to obtain the basic slice of any scalar. but i am facing trouble while extracting the above image. i am fine with both simscale cloud or paraview. please let me know if any one can support to extract similar kind of image. thanks for your time and consideration.


Hey @sam123456,
its a F1 car, but the picture shows the same statement, the velocity.

I do it in paraview, like this

I load the case two times in paraview.
At the first case.foam, i only choose the boundingbox3, that shows the velocity with Rainbowcolors and the rad (0 velocity is transparent)
At the second case.foam, it shows only the F1 car, with a solid Color (Grey)

If you have a complete calculation, not only the half car like in this simulation, you need a “clip” filter.
I can show you that, if you post the projectlink here.

Best regards


Thanks for your prompt reply,

i am simulating the flow around the buildings in a similar manner. i want to extract similar kind of image around the buildings. here is the project link


You can do a lot in SImScale SolutionFields. Simple one:

3D, complex views using IsoVolume:

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Hi Retsam,

the above contour around the car is complete. however i want to extract the image as per my initial request. will you please explain how to do it in that case. thankyou,


Hi @sam123456: May be I do not understand what you mean by ‘image’. For the moment I suggest to make a screen shot and open the image in a paint / graphic program. Then you will be able to ‘fade out’ a selected color outside your scope.



like this ?

For that, i have hidden the Parts (click on the little eye) and at the cutting plane, remove the hook at clip model.
Now you can play around with the opacity and the point where you want to show your velocity result.

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Hey Sam, first of all I am very happy to see you being active in the last time! :slight_smile:

Regarding the post-processing and export: If you want to have it for this particular project, please share it with us and I can show you how this can be done (hopefully I won’t mess up :smiley: )

Cheers and all the best!


Hi Jousefm,

Indeed i am familiar with all the methods which the forum colleagues have explained here. however my question is bit different. if you clearly see the below image

it is specific that the contour can be seen only in the cyclist vicinity area. i know that this should be done in offline post processor only. i am familiar with playing the opacity, playing with planes in both post processors (online/offline). my request is i want help or suggestions to the below kind of image in para view. i hope you might have understood by now.

image .

in this image the contour is transparent as well as it is upto certain extent only. i want to do in the similar way. hope i conveyed the question properly now.

thanks for your time and consideration,

i shared the project already in this thread FYI.