Help needed please!


So I have designed a fan duct for my 3d printer. However, I am having a LOT of issues in trying to get the geometry to ‘open inner region’. When I select the applicable part(s); it removes my whole design!

Please help!

Hi Tinus,

welcome to the forum! I hope I found the correct project of yours, if not please post a link to it in this thread.

Your CAD model contains sheet bodies. Those are bodies that consist of faces only but do not define a closed region opposed to solid bodies. You can see this in the Geometry tree on the right. Sheet bodies have a different “face”-style icon. As you need solid bodies (3D regions) for simulation you get a warning at mesh time that there are sheet bodies detected. If you continue these sheet bodies will be ignored. I guess that is what you described as your geometry vanishes unexpectedly.

The solution to your problem is making sure the duct comes as a 3D part. So please check first if it is a solid part in your CAD environment.