'Heater Box - Full Setup' simulation project by dthayer


I created a new simulation project called 'Heater Box - Full Setup':

Analyzing the full setup of the heater box for CFD.

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Pretty big mesh. Having trouble with “mpirun noticed that process rank 2 with on node exited on signal 9 (Killed).” Basically what this means, is that I overloaded the servers. Tried playing with the timestep, only to frustrate myself. Tried both k-epsilon and k-omega SST with different types of air models (even using sutherland and janaf). It’s just not playing nice with SST. I’m going to use a Transient solver, see if the inlet pressure flatlines.


:weary: Taking too long. I split the model into quarters, even though the model isn’t perfectly symmetrical. Nothing was converging since the number of nodes is too long, and I feel weary as well as guilty for taking up all the CPU.


Hi @dthayer,

very interesting project - I’ll take a look as well and see whether I can help or not.




The major problem I had was overloading the CPU’s. Kept getting signal 9 kill errors. Then, when it did seem to run successfully (at a transient solver), the time step became so small that eventually, I ran out of CPU time (on my account!) as it was about to crash.


Got it. Have you been in touch with the SimScale support?


Not about that issue. I have been taken off this project officially. New boss, new orders.