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Heat transfer problem

The environment is 100 degrees F air temperature
The heat source is 600 degrees F
The metal shield is .032 gauge aluminum
Distances in inches is shown in attached image
What is the maximum heat the wall surface will be exposed to?

The heat source is a grill that normally when fully heated is 600f. When grills have a flare up due to grease they can emit flames out of the back of them that are appox 900f based on my research. They only last for short periods of time. The Al sheet is 36" square.

The goal is to protect the home’s siding from the heat from the grill and against the occasional flare up. Siding can normally withstand a temp of up to 150f and start to melt at 160f.

Thus the real question is will the Al sheet mounted with a 2" space between it and the siding protect the siding from the grill’s heat?

Thank you so much. I have been asking people I know about this for several months and you are the first to give a ray of hope for a solution!

Hi @anr418!

We could solve this issue by using a CHT analysis where we would have to make sure that the gaps are actually surrounded by geometry representing the air in between. Let me draft an idea and get back to you as soon as I have a concrete idea how we could make your case work.



Thank you so much !