Heat transfer - CalculiX -The analysis type is not supported anymore


I am a new user trying to find a heatsink project to learn from.
All heatsink projects I try to open are using "Heat transfer - CalculiX "
and gives the error: The analysis type is not supported anymore
e.g. https://www.simscale.com/workbench/?pid=5255105287162933704#tab_1-0

Please let me know if there are any similar public projects using a currently supported analysis




Hi @aglad,
this one is definitely one of the best for learning as it also has a lot of documentation and result discussion with it: https://www.simscale.com/projects/ahmedhussain18/thermal_effects_in_high_power_led_packaging/
(it has both used the old deprecated analysis type as well as the new).

Hope this helps.
If you still need to have a look at a deprecated project, I could port it to the new analysis type for you.



thanks for the tip,

I had already looked at this project, but didn’t notice that it also contained simulations created with non Calculix simulation.