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Heat Profile

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Let’s take a wall made of same material and both sides of the wall are 300K. If we assumed that there is no heat generation inside the wall what heat profile will look like Profile 1 or Profile 2?

I think the Profile 1 happens only when heat is transferred from one side of the wall to another side very fast however If it’s not transferred very fast I also think after a long time gradually, heat profile would look like profile 1. What do you think?

Hi @Eshqin, If the wall starts at a lower temperature (initial T < 300k) and no heat moves out of any other face then in a transient case you shall see profile 2 time-dependently converging to profile 1. In the steady state, we would expect to see the converged solution to be profile 1.

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Why just only lower temperature, what about higher temperature(T>300K)?

you would see the same thing but inversed, ie a higher temperature at the core converging to profile 1.