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I created a new simulation project called 'Heat exchanger':

Heat transfer using the conjugate heat transfer model

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Hey @ksmody20,

this is also a very promising geometry. Did you design the spiral boards on your own? I never saw such a variant of a heat exchanger. I would love to see it simulated though. I could also provide a comparable geometry with normal boards on the top and the bottom as we have kind of a heat exchanger modeling script.

Before that would be possible, some hints on the geometry in this case: Right now it is not possible to mesh this geometry as it consists both of the solid bodies defining the domain you want to simulate (13 solids) and quite some auxiliary shapes (construction planes, duplicated shells of the solid bodies). I tried to quick-fix the geometry but it is unfortunately not easy. I think a more promising approach would be to check on the export properties of your CAD software. Which tool are you using? Can you also export as a step file and only select / combine the solid bodies, leaving out the auxiliary shapes. It also looks like the spiral board shape is a little bit snapped, even though this might be a visualization issue.

Would love to see that model simulated! Please tell me if I can help!

Best Alex


Hi @afischer,

Yes, this geometry is a unique variant and that’s why I selected it. However, I obtained it from grabcad.
As you pointed out, there hasn’t been a quick-fix solution to the issue and that is why I have been stuck with it.
I am trying to rework the geometry myself to get rid of the unnecessary elements in the design, probably include a better inlet/outlet for the pipe fluid and house it under one geometry.
If you have any particular suggestions or approach methods, it could be really helpful.



Hi @ksmody20,

actually I think, even though the geometry looks quite complex, it might be possible to re-model it quite quickly as it consists mainly of cylinders that are fused/cut etc. The spiral part can often be done via a special feature or a mathematical spline definition, where you can do an extrusion afterwards. I think more or less all commercial CAD tools provide such a functionality. For open source tools I know that Salome can do it ( www.salome-platform.org ). One needs some time with to get started though.

Best Alex