'Heat Exchanger Shell' simulation project by rgeiger


I created a new simulation project called 'Heat Exchanger Shell':

Flow Pattern Accross a Heat Exchanger Shell Side

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@rgeiger - very interesting geometry! For complex models like this, the cloud is great. Even your coarse mesh has already >7m cells. Do you have the full model as well? Would be interested in running a coupled analysis (CHT)


hello dheiny, thanks for the advise!
Once the simple flow patter is simulated, lets try to put the complete model and run a CHT analysis.


Sounds like a plan! I gave it a spin myself - we’ll need to mesh that with the parametric hex-dominant mesh operation as the even the Very fine setting of the automatic hex-dominant is not fine enough to resolve the model accurately:

There are 2 pipes that are not resolved on the side. The parametric one allows arbitrary fineness levels, so with this one it will be possible but a bit more work. I guess the mesh will at least have 30m cells. Very interesting case!