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'Heat exchanger - CHT simulation' simulation project by sjesu_rajendra


Hello @riccardom,

The CAD model is a courtesy of my colleague Alex (@afischer). The point to be noted during geometry modeling for CHT case is that the different volumes (representing the solid and fluid regions) should not be overlapping, but the surfaces touching each other so that snappyHexMesh automatically detects interfaces.





Really amazing work that you have done here, congratulations!


I need to convert this openfoam mesh to fluent, how do I do this?


Hi @jnossa_de_carv!

I am not very familiar with Fluent but want to show you how you can download the finished mesh from SimScale.

Can you tell me if you could use any data inside the zip? Would be nice to know!

Thanks a lot and good luck!



The Temperature scale, is it in Kelvin?? because the difference is lightly small.


Hi @tsadate!

Yes the scale is Kelvin but still, if you have a temperature difference it does not matter if it is Kelvin or Celsius.




Thank you very much.

Is it possible to carry out CFD analysis of a solar crop dryer?


Hi @tomeya27!

Can you please post a full description of the problem along with a model (if you already have one) inside the project support group? The Power Users and I will have a look at the issue and see if that works with the modules integrated on SimScale.




Hello@sjesu_rajendra, I need help with a design almost same like this. can you give me your email so that i can discuss it with you if its fine by you?


Hi @sakciit,

you can post your problem inside the project support section of this forum. The PowerUsers and me will help you out with your project.




Where can i find cad part?

Thank you



Hi there!

You can download the CAD by going to the project and simply click Download.