'Heat dissipation of connector plate with UNO type Industrial computer attached' simulation project by tevans


I created a new simulation project called 'Heat dissipation of connector plate with UNO type Industrial computer attached':

Investigate heat transfer from on board industrial computer which is housed in a finned aluminium enclosure to the connector plate. Initially with natural convection establish at what ambient temperature fining would be required to be applied to the external face of the connector plate. Establish at what ambient temperature forced convection is required. Max temperature of aluminium enclosure 60 degrees C, heat dissipation 20 Watts max

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Very nice and interesting CAD model @tevans!

I am really looking forward to see the outcome of that one! Are you planning to create a paper or at least a small documentation? Would like to share it in our project spotlight section :slight_smile:




Good morning jousefm, I have just noticed your comment. apologies for the delayed response have been distracted by other priorities. To date have been investigating setting up analysis as per traditional method using heat transfer coefficients. Problem with this method is require a method for calculating heat transfer coefficient between conductive surface and fluid. To date methods require the surface temperature of the surface and bulk temperature of the fluid. Normally available will be initial temperature of conductive body, bulk temperature of fluid and heat input. Currently investigating setting analysis up as conjugate heat transfer. Yes I would consider creating a paper, any advice from yourself would be appreciated. My works e-mail is t.evans@symetrica.com. Regards tudor


Hi @tevans!

A CHT analysis sounds quite good here especially to overcome the problem with the determination of the heat transfer coefficients. I am looking forward to your paper Tudor! Please let us know if we can do anything for you!

All the best!