'Headlight' simulation project by ntuan_anh


I created a new simulation project called 'Headlight':

Thermal radiation simulation for a head-light

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@ntuan_anh - seems like the CAD model could not be imported properly. What CAD software are you using?


I am using CATIA5. The exported CAD model (stp) is not watertight as i tried to upload it. Do you have any advice about this?
Thank you.


Actually I downloaded this model from GradCad. But I also have the same problem when I uploaded another model which exported from CATIA 5. It seems that the model should be "healed" to the solid before uploading.


Hi @ntuan_anh - I see. But is the model a real solid within CATIA? Or also only surfaces / shells?


Yes, it is a real solid in CATIA. I tried to export model to IGES and upload to Simscale. It does nor work too.
By the way, if the computation domain is air volume inside the lamp, I have to define the fluid volume before uploading to Simscale, dont I?