'Haube' simulation project by wtzschorn


I created a new simulation project called 'Haube':

impact analysis

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Hi @wtzschorn , I find your project really interesting because of its practical application in automotive field.
A crash box is a device which is attached from side to the frame of the car while is other side is in contact with the bumper.

The main aim of the crash box in automotive industry is to provide safety by absorbing the shock during an impact caused by a crash.

I looked into your projects and have done some changes which i felt could be helpful are as follows

  1. A specific scaling was done so as to convert the m dimensions into mm dimensions
  2. Since one end of the crash box is mounted onto the frame therefore i completely fixed the flange and the four holes.
  3. The other end completely receives an impact during a crash from the bumper beam therefore i changed the force boundary condition to pressure boundary condition which represents a distributed load acting on this end.
    Following attached is the modified project with the above mentioned changes

Some other things that can be carried out are as follows

  1. Fineness of the mesh can be further improved by choosing very fine option instead of a currently set coarse mesh option
  2. Instead of choosing first order elements one can choose second order elements which are free from any kind of locking issues.
  3. Since the usage of the crash box is to absorb the impact therefore I can also suggest a different CAD design model shown below

    Here in this model a sliding contact can be given between the upper and lower part of the crash box so that during an impact due to an accident the upper part can first slide onto the lower part and then afterwards the buckling should start therefore increasing the energy absorbing capacity of the crash box and because of that less impact will be transferred from the crash box onto the frame.

With Regards
Shiv Ohri