'Hatchback car wake pattern understanding' simulation project by Inc01


I created a new simulation project called 'Hatchback car wake pattern understanding':

To observe the wake pattern of a typical hatchback car so that further projects may be taken to reduce the wake and thus to reduce drag.

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Hi @Inc01,

interesting simulation project - looking forward to the results. I had a quick look at your mesh - could it be that you actually only wanted to mesh half of the model? Your refinement box is only half of the model, while the background mesh covers all of it:




There was a mistake in creating boundary box dimensions. I wanted it on both sides. I could not proceed for simulation as it is showing that my mesh has some errors. Any help in refining the mesh would be welcomed.


Hi @Inc01,

makes sense - I’ll wait until your current mesh generation approach finished and will take a look at the mesh. Generally there are only some very serious warnings that you should not ignore before proceeding to the simulation. Some of the warnings indicate, that there might be sources of inaccuracies, but it’s not a show stopper.

Looking forward to see the mesh!