'Harmonic analysis of an impeller' simulation project by rszoeke


I created a new simulation project called 'Harmonic analysis of an impeller':

The stress distribution within an impeller is analyzed under vibration load due to bearing tolerances.

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In this project, the structural response of an impeller to vibrational loading is analyzed. The impeller is supported by two oil bearings. One of the is assumed to have a tolerance, such that a harmonic excitation is created. The stress and deformation fields due to this excitation is analyzed via the harmonic analysis type on SimScale. The CAD model was provided by Fujiangen. The model is uploaded as a STEP file to the SimScale platform. For mesh generation, the automatic tet-meshing operation is used. The resulting tetrahedral volume mesh is shown in the image below.

Having created a mesh for the impeller, the actual simulation is set up. The right bearing is fixed while at the left bearing the harmonic excitation is applied. First, a large frequency bandwidth from 10 to 1670Hz is analyzed in order to identify critical frequencies. The resulting magnitude response visualized in the figure below, shows that 520 Hz is the most critical frequency.

Therefore a second harmonic analysis is carried out for this specific frequency and additionally the resulting displacement and stress field is printed out for a post-processing review. These fields show that both the deformation and the stress field do have critical regions for the material type used. The simulations are carried out on 8-core machines and the first one took around 45 minutes while the second one was finished in less than ten minutes.