'Hand Sim' simulation project by adidavinci


I created a new simulation project called 'Hand Sim':

Hand drag

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@adidavinci - this looks awesome! Are you planning on determining flow coefficients of these human body parts? Happy to help on that!


Thanks - Yup - we are looking at some interesting projects. Happy to get all the help;/


@adidavinci - any reason why you’re simulating the body parts separated? Would be easier to simulate the whole body all together. Split into different parts, the flow domain around it will be hard to set up to not introduce any interactions with the flow domain “ends”.


Absolutely - the interactions are not simulated this way. These are being used as test mules:) I still awaiting for full body mannequins:)


I see. I couldn’t resist:

I’ll share the results once the run is done. One thing though: The STL seems to be in milimeters so I needed to scale it. Or it’s a big statue you might be building that has a 40-m long arm :wink:



Not converged yet. The mesh is too coarse in the wake region behind the hand and probably also close to the hand. Also at such high velocities, there are probably a lot of turbulent effects behind the hand that are not captured by the steady state sim (probably the reason for the convergence behavior). But first result viz does make sense:


THanks - Looks cool