'Geometry test B2' simulation project by rlange


I created a new simulation project called 'Geometry test B2':

cloud droplet sampler

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Amazing simulation and post-processing @rlange!

Are you working on a paper for this? Is this a private project from yours or some study you are doing for your university?




I would be very careful with the word amazing here - im still learning basics and trying features out.

One could call it the early stages of a University research project.
I am iteratively testing out ideas, of how an impactor sampler for cloud droplets could be designed.

Ultimately the goal is to construct a cheap device that can be mounted onto the airframe of a Cessna plane.
Once we find a design that is worth continuing with, we will take that onto a more professional software platform.




Is there a way to extract values from the Postprocessor, for example average flow velocity across a line?


And still impressive although you are a new user :wink: Would be amazing if you could share your results and - if you write a paper - share it with us. For the extraction the best option here would be to use the offline version if possible. @Get_Barried and me can help you out if you like, no worries! :slight_smile: