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Geometry Error



I am trying to run a CFD analysis on a HVAC model I made for a residential house to see if the air pressure and speed will adequately reach the ends of the HVAC layout. I have the converted my file to a step file so I can select faces as inlets and outlets but now it is saying under geometry that I have sheet bodies left and there are zero solid bodies. I tried to convert my step into a solid form and thought I did but am encountering the same problem. Can anyone help me? My title is HVAC Trial 3.

Best Regards,
Andrew Cook


Hello Andrew,
this is your project, right :slight_smile: ?

Im not familiar in working with step files. I noticed you have a few solid geometries with a single surface in it, and the last solid entry contains the whole surface entrys. What software do you use to edit your geometrie ?

Best regards


as kai said please mention the software used for modeling. also share the project link in your post because this will save some time in the future.

about your cad model.
there is lots of work required to improve your model. LOTS OF WORK :cold_face:

hope this will help you.



Simscale disabled their project link so I am not sure if this URL will work. I was using FreeCAD and thought I made a solid body of my STEP and copied that in but it is still being read with no solid body. Is there a way to make a solid 3D model of my project where Simscale can read the separate faces and read it as a solid body?

Best Regards,
Andrew Cook