Gear spurs flow simulations

hello, let me ask about the current simulation, the case is I want to model a 2 phase flow for internal flow and want to apply a rotating zone(MRF) on both gear pairs, with the geometry of the spurs gear model I have prepared, and I have simulated the model incompressible with the gears not moving, and I’ve read about zones (MRF) on simscale but the main thing is I’m having trouble making a geometry model for the zone (MRF) that covers the whole gear because it can’t be 1 region/region/union, I’m very appreciate any suggestions/feedback, thank you

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Hi, this is Fillia :slight_smile:

To begin with, you mean you want to simulate two different fluids, or two different states of a material?

In order to create a CAD model with a MRF region, use these pages as guides:

In short, you will need to create a solid cylinder that encloses the gears in your CAD software, which you will later set as a MRF region under the Advanced concepts :slight_smile:

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