Gas Propulsion Modelling

Hello, I am trying to model in the Gas flow for a Co2 Canister, that the F1 in Schools cars are powered off of. Is this possible to do in SimScale?

Example of Co2 Canister:

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Hi @Ionic and sorry for the delayed response, did just notice your post.

You would have to think about how to approach this problem. If you think that the CO2 concentration is not affecting the overall properties of the content(s) then you can go with that approach IMHO. Next question would then be will you go with (in)compressible ansatz and what temperatures and pressures are we dealing with? (probably compressible solver needed)

I would mention another way which would be to actually take into account the whole control volume as a multicomponent system which would then include advanced solvers which are not (yet) part of the SimScale platform.

CFD Squad, feel free to add your thoughts here, I am sure there is a way to simulate this but then the question remains on how good the model is (available data always help to validate).

Cheers and sorry for the minimum input from my side, hope I can at least initiate a discussion :slight_smile:



hi @Ionic,
agree with @jousefm sir thought.
as this co2 gas container has high pressures gas and for simulation, you have to use compressible flow simulation along with transient. (pressure based).
if you are looking for the chemical reaction (like combustion process) then its not possible on simscale.
the most important for the simulation here in BC. you have any data or calculated data for this type of simulation?